The Australian Energy Market Commission is seeking written submissions from stakeholders on the proposed implementation timetable for the various components of the competition in metering and related services rule change.

The timetable has been developed in recognition of the need to coordinate the implementation of the rule change with associated work being carried out by AEMO and the AER.

The Commission is seeking views on how long stakeholders will need to update their systems and business processes to comply with the new regulatory framework.  Feedback from stakeholders will help inform the AEMC’s decision on the commencement date for the new rules.

Submissions can be made on the AEMC’s website and are due by 11 December 2014.

The AEMC has also today extended the time for publication of a draft determination on the competition in metering and related services rule change.

The Commission considers that an extension is necessary to work through a number of complex issues raised in the stakeholder consultation process.

The extra time will ensure further consideration of issues such as remote provision of disconnection and reconnection services, opt out arrangements for consumers, as well as implementation and governance arrangements for the minimum services specification.

The draft determination and draft rules are now due to be published on 26 March 2015.

A workshop will be held in January 2015 to consult with stakeholders on the Commission’s proposed position on the issues requiring further analysis.