The Australian Energy Market Commission has extended the period of time for publication of a final rule determination on generator ramp rates and dispatch inflexibility in bidding.

The Commission considers the extension necessary to fully consider a number of complex issues raised in submissions to the draft rule determination, particularly its potential impact on large thermal generating units.

The initial rule change was proposed by the Australian Energy Regulator, however the Commission had concerns this proposal may not be workable in practice. Recognising the issues raised, the AEMC made a more preferable draft rule on 28 August 2014.

New information brought to light in submissions about the more preferable draft rule represents a material change in circumstances, and it is appropriate to allow for additional time to consider these issues and consult further with stakeholders.

The period of time for publication of the final determination has therefore been extended to 19 March 2015.

The Commission intends to publish a brief paper before the end of this year to consult on potential options to address the issues raised and meet the Commission’s objectives for ramp rate requirements that can be applied more consistently and proportionately than under the current rules.