The AEMC is releasing a range of draft determinations and consultation papers on Thursday 18 December this year, as required by our statutory timelines.

We recognise the Christmas period can be a challenging time for stakeholders to engage on these issues.  As a result we are giving stakeholders advance notice of this release date. We have also decided to extend the usual consultation timeframes for these projects and stagger the submission deadlines.

The consultation period for the five consultation papers being released on 18 December will be between 6-8 weeks, up from the usual 4 weeks, as outlined below.

Consultation for the three draft determinations being released will be carried out over 7-9 weeks, rather than the usual 6 weeks.  

Several of the below rule changes relate to electricity generation and the AEMC will be hosting a teleconference on the process surrounding these projects. Those interested can register for the teleconference here.

AEMC Project

Document being released18 December

Submissions deadline
Matched Allocation Process in the STTM Consultation Paper 29 January 2015
Generator Ramp Rates and Dispatch Inflexibility in Bidding Options Paper 5 February 2015
Governance Arrangements and Reliability Standards Draft Determination 5 February 2015
Implementation Advice on Shared Market Protocol Consultation Paper 12 February 2015
Improving Demand Side Participation Information Draft Determination 12 February 2015
Bidding in Good Faith Options Paper 12 February 2015
2015 Retail Competition Review Approach Paper

19 February 2015

System Restart Ancillary Services (SRAS) Draft Determination

19 February 2015