The AEMC has released a consultation paper on a rule change request from the Australian Energy Market Operator(AEMO) to amend the National Gas Rules (Rules) in relation to the Declared Wholesale Gas Market (DWGM) operating schedules.

In its rule change request, AEMO indicated that it considers there is uncertainty in the Rules regarding the process AEMO is permitted to use to produce operating schedules and the action AEMO must take if it is unable to produce and publish operating schedules in accordance with rule 215. AEMO is concerned that strict adherence to the existing rule may require it to suspend the operation of the DWGM on a regular basis, unnecessarily.

As a result, AEMO has proposed a rule change that it considers would provide it with greater flexibility in terms of the modelling approach that it is permitted to use to produce feasible operating schedules, as well as clarifying the process in the Rules that AEMO must follow to produce and publish operating schedules under all circumstances.

The consultation paper has been prepared to facilitate public consultation on the rule change proposal and to seek stakeholder submissions.

The AEMC will assess this rule change request as a non-controversial rule under an expedited rule making process, subject to any written objections by 24 September 2015. If no written objections to the expedited process are received, the AEMC will publish a final rule determination and any final rule by 22 October 2015.

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