On 6 June 2006, the Australian Energy Market Commission released a Statement of Approach on its Congestion Management Program.

The Congestion Management Program includes the Congestion Management Review (a Ministerial Council for Energy directed Review) and all Rule change proposals currently under Commission consideration which relate to various aspects of network congestion management in the National Electricity Market.

It is essential that this work is co-ordinated by the Commission to deliver a comprehensive “Congestion Management Regime” for the market going forward.

The Congestion Management Program - Statement of Approach is intended to provide information and clarity about the way in which the Commission is going to consider the requirement for, and scope of, enhanced trading arrangements in relation to congestion management and pricing in the National Electricity Market.

The Commission considers that it is important for stakeholders to be well informed about the process the Commission will adopt in finalising these inter-related proposals. This Statement of Approach reflects the Commission’s commitment to: adopt an open process; be clear about its analytical approach; manage related matters in a co-ordinated and integrated manner; and provide interested stakeholders with the earliest opportunities to understand and respond to issues.

Rule change proposals that relate to congestion management and region boundaries and background on the Congestion Management Review can be found at:

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