The AEMC and members of the Coordination of Generation and Transmission Investment (COGATI) modelling technical working group held a meeting to discuss the cost-benefit analysis of the COGATI reforms that NERA Economic Consulting is conducting.

The modelling sub-group of the technical working group includes those members of the working group that have a particular interest in modelling.  

Discussion notes from this meeting are now available. 

At the meeting on 24 February 2020 the group discussed:

  • a progress update on NERA’s modelling work
  • the assumptions and PLEXOS market simulation software to be used
  • initial views of generation and transmission investment locations over time
  • next steps for the modelling and for the COGATI review.

The COGATI review is part of the AEMC's system security and reliability action plan and is one half of a two-part solution to easing grid congestion and access issues.

  1. The first lever is to invest in transmission through AEMO’s Integrated Systems Plan. The second lever is COGATI pricing reform, which will ensure that transmission is used in the best possible way by incentivising generators to locate more efficiently. Both of these levers are fundamental to the Energy Security Board’s 2025 market redesign.  
  2. A final report on the proposed COGATI reforms will be considered by the COAG Energy Council at its March 2020 meeting.

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