Amended timeline

The AEMC has amended the project timeline for the 2019 Coordination of generation and transmission investment (COGATI) review. 

This review is developing reforms to how generators access and use the transmission network to enable the connection of new wind and solar across the national electricity market and deliver on the Integrated System Plan (ISP) at the lowest cost. 

The new timeline has been developed in response to stakeholder feedback on the reform proposal put forward by the Commission in our June 2019 directions paper

Many stakeholders expressed support for the intention of the reform, including that it could provide signals for efficient dispatch of generation and more efficient generator locational decisions, as well as increase certainty of access to transmission network capacity.

However, stakeholders asked for more details on how the dynamic regional pricing and transmission hedges would operate. Some stakeholders also requested more focussed consultation on renewable energy zones and how they can be used as a transitionary measure. A summary of submissions to the directions paper can be found here.

In response to this feedback, the Commission has amended the project timeline to provide further details on the reform, and allow for targeted consultation on key aspects of the reform proposal.  

The revised timeline includes publication in October 2019 of a concept design paper on dynamic regional pricing and transmission hedges, and a discussion paper on renewable energy zones. This will be followed by the publication of a final report in December 2019. The amended timeline is consistent with the terms of reference for this review.

Further consultation on the detailed design and testing of the proposed access regime will occur through the subsequent rule change process next year. 

Discussion notes for technical working group #3

The AEMC has published discussion notes  from the third meeting of the technical working group of the COGATI review. 

The group includes representatives from consumer groups, energy investors, large consumers, generators, transmission businesses, retailers, the Energy Security Board and market bodies. 

At the meeting on 5 September 2019 the group discussed:

  • a summary of the feedback that was received to the directions paper and how the COGATI review is taking that feedback into account
  • the objective and scope of quantitative analysis for the reform
  • the link between access reform and the current transmission framework, including how transmission hedges could indirectly inform the transmission planning and investment   
  • key aspects in the design of transmission hedges.

The work is part of the AEMC's system security and reliability action plan.

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