The AEMC has published discussion notes from the second meeting of the technical working group of the Coordination of generation and transmission investment - access and charging review. 

This review will help to address an increasingly congested grid by looking at reforms to transmission access and charging at the lowest cost.

The group includes representatives from consumer groups, energy investors, large consumers, generators, transmission businesses, retailers, the Energy Security Board and market bodies. 

At the meeting on 20 June 2019, the group discussed:

  • ways to more efficiently price congestion and discourage behaviours such as disorderly bidding 
  • dynamic regional pricing and:
    • how to allocate the settlement residues produced under the regime
    • what parties (e.g. storage) should be exposed to the local marginal price, and so, who should continue face the regional reference price
  • proposed implementation, timing and phasing issues
  • principles to facilitate transition to new arrangements. 

This review is being progressed as part of a comprehensive reform package recommended by the inaugural COGATI review. These reforms are aimed at better coordinating investment in renewable generation and transmission infrastructure, facilitating transmission and generation in the right place, at the right time at an efficient cost.  

A directions paper for the COGATI review is due to be published on 27 June 2019.

Media: Prudence Anderson, Communication Director, 0404 821 935 or DL (02) 8296 7817.