The Australian Energy Market Commission today made a final rule determination that aligns the timing of TasNetworks’ transmission and distribution revenue determinations on 1 July 2019.

The final rule will lead to more efficient investment and operational decisions by allowing both the transmission and distribution networks to be considered together when TasNetworks plans expenditure on its network and when the Australian Energy Regulator makes the associated revenue determinations.

The new rule will also reduce ongoing administrative costs for TasNetworks and other stakeholders engaged with the network revenue determination processes in Tasmania.  Any cost savings and efficiencies achieved by TasNetworks should ultimately benefit consumers.

The rule change request was prepared by TasNetworks, following its creation on 1 July 2014 through the merger of Aurora and Transend.

The final rule is substantially the same as the proposed rule except for some drafting amendments and has been made following consultation with stakeholders.

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