The AEMC’s annual review of electricity network regulation is holding a stakeholder forum to explore options for the grid of the future. 

It will explore how financial incentives under current regulations work to influence network business decisions in relation to non-network solutions as an alternative to more investment in poles and wires. 

The stakeholder forum will be held in Sydney on Monday 23 April 2018 (venue TBC).  We will present our draft findings at the forum and seek stakeholders’ feedback on our analysis and explore potential next steps.

This analysis of network incentives is part of our broader annual review of the state of economic regulation for electricity networks in the face of energy market transformation. The review is considering how the economic regulatory framework can best support the continual evolution of electricity networks to facilitate consumer choices and the uptake of distributed energy resources like solar PV, battery storage and ‘smart’ household appliances that respond to changes in electricity prices.

Register to attend the stakeholder forum. We will publish a report on the financial incentives facing network services providers on Monday 16 April. An agenda will be provided closer to the date.


The COAG Energy Council tasked the AEMC to undertake this annual monitoring - recognising the importance of providing early warning of market developments that may need to be addressed by changes to the National Electricity Law or Rules.

The final report for the 2018 review is due to the COAG Energy Council in late June 2018.