The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) have prepared a joint work program designed to progress a coordinated roadmap to deliver the COAG Energy Council’s Vision for gas market development across the East Coast.

This will help to align AEMO’s current work on a single market at Wallumbilla Gas Supply Hub and the AEMC’s gas market development work in the East Coast Gas Review.

Specifically, AEMO and the AEMC are undertaking the following:

  • The AEMC will work with AEMO in the development of its draft report on Optional Hub Services and the work undertaken to date on the Single Trading Zone model.
  • Further consultation on the single trading zone will now be incorporated into the AEMC’s consultation processes on Wholesale Gas Market Design.
  • AEMO and the AEMC will jointly host a public forum on September 30th to discuss key elements of wholesale market design in the East Coast Gas Review and supporting pipeline capacity access arrangements.
  • AEMO and the AEMC will continue to work together closely on the development of the implementation plan associated with the East Coast and DWGM Gas Reviews.


For further information contact:

Media, Prudence Anderson on 0404 821 935 or 02) 8296 7817