The AEMC has made a submission to the Climate Change Authority (CCA) consultation process to update its advice on meeting Australia’s Paris agreement commitments. 

The Climate Change Authority advice will provide recommendations to help position Australia to meet its 2030 emissions reduction target in line with the CCA’s objective to put Australia on a path to net zero emissions, consistent with the Paris Agreement framework.

The way the physical world changes as a result of climate change (adaptation risk) and the way policy makers, consumers and investors respond to the risks presented by climate change (mitigation risk) has a material impact on the electricity and gas sectors.

Our submission outlines how the AEMC considers climate change risks when making rules and providing advice that will serve energy consumers over the long term.

It links to the AEMC’s updated stakeholder guide on applying the national energy objectives. The guide underpins our work with stakeholders to clearly identify the direct and indirect impacts of rule requests and reviews before making a decision. 

Media: Prudence Anderson, Communication Director, 0404 821 935 or (02) 8296 7817