The AEMC today called for submissions on our strategic priorities for energy market development.

We are seeking stakeholder views on potential areas of focus for three proposed priorities – a ‘consumer’ priority, a ‘gas’ priority and a ‘markets and networks’ priority.

The AEMC’s strategic priorities enable us to frame key issues for consideration and dialogue among consumer groups, market participants and policy makers. This work provides context for our work program and stakeholder engagement.

We review  the strategic priorities for Australia’s electricity and gas markets every two years.

This will be our third strategic priorities review to determine how our current priorities should evolve in line with technological and market changes.

We consider that the current strategic priorities continue to remain relevant – particularly in relation to the consumer and gas priorities. Notwithstanding this, we think it would be useful to provide further focus to these priority areas. Our preliminary thinking on the 2015 strategic priorities can therefore be considered as more of an evolution of the existing priorities, but with greater focus on the direction of each priority area. We are encouraging stakeholders – including energy users, energy market participants, governments and interested groups – to participate in the consultation process and share their views on the opportunities, risks and challenges facing the energy sector as we work to develop regulatory frameworks that are fit for the future.  Stakeholders are welcome to attend a public forum in Sydney and can also submit written responses to our discussion paper.

Submissions close on Friday, 9 October 2015.

Our public forum was advertised on 27 August 2015 and registrations close on 25 September 2015. We remind interested stakeholders who are yet to register to refer to our registration page, by clicking the link above.

Links to the Discussion Paper and Information Sheet are provided above.


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