The AEMC is pleased to announce that AEMC Commissioner Charles Popple has been appointed as the chairperson of the Reliability Panel. Mr Popple succeeds Dr Brian Spalding who has retired after nine years of service as an AEMC Commissioner.

“Charles’ longstanding experience in the energy network sector and focus on technical planning makes him ideally suited to chair the Reliability Panel,” said AEMC Chief Executive Mrs Anne Pearson.



The Reliability Panel, which forms part of the AEMC’s institutional arrangements, reviews and reports on the safety, security and reliability of the national electricity system.
It is comprised of members who represent a range of participants in the national electricity market, including consumer groups, generators, network businesses, retailers and AEMO. 

“We are fortunate that our Panel members, leaders in the energy sector, are willing to volunteer their time and expertise for the benefit of consumers and market participants,” said Charles Popple.

“The Reliability Panel’s role is an important one. Its work in reviewing, reporting and determining standards and guidelines, is a key part of the framework for maintaining a secure and reliable system.”

The Panel recently completed the Annual market performance review 2018 which identified that the speed of the power system’s structural change is putting growing pressure on power system security and reliability.

Consultation is underway on Panel reviews into AEMO’s Request for declaration of protected event and the Definition of unserved energy and stakeholders are invited to lodge a submission.

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