The Australian Energy Market Commission will commence public consultation on the integration of electricity storage technologies project with a forum in Sydney on Thursday 18 June.

Launched in April, the project is a collaboration with the CSIRO and seeks to understand the future regulatory impact of the integration of storage technologies in the National Electricity Market, to ensure the market is flexible and resilient enough to respond.

The purpose of the upcoming forum is for the CSIRO to present the findings of its research into the spectrum of electricity storage technologies that currently exist and their possible applications across the electricity supply chain. The CSIRO’s research will be made available shortly after the forum.

Presentations will also be made by several organisations about their experience in integrating, or seeking to integrate, storage technologies either on the grid or behind the meter.

Stakeholders will have the opportunity to share their views on the CSIRO’s findings and their own experiences.

Input from stakeholders will be used to inform the development of the AEMC’s work to identify the regulatory implications of the integration of storage technologies.

The AEMC is planning to release a draft report on this work by September 2015, followed by a final report incorporating stakeholder comments.

Interested stakeholders can register for the forum here before 12 June 2015. The agenda and venue details are now available.