The AEMC is seeking approval of nominees from generation businesses and market customers to join the Reliability Panel for the next three years. The Reliability Panel reviews and reports on the safety, security and reliability of the national electricity system and also sets a number of technical standards and guidelines. 

The Panel is comprised of members who represent a range of participants in the national electricity market, including consumer groups, generators, network businesses, new technology, retailers and the Australian Energy Market Operator. It is chaired by AEMC Commissioner Charles Popple.

In September 2019 the Commission invited registered generators and market customers to nominate candidates to represent them on the Panel. At the conclusion of that nomination process, five generators and two market customers had separately nominated candidates.

On 4 October 2019 we wrote to registered generators and market customers inviting them to approve one or more of the relevant nominees as their representative on the Panel. These participants had until 28 October 2019 to return their approval form to the AEMC. 

The National Electricity Rules require that the AEMC appoint a person to the Panel agreed to by at least one third in number of the relevant class of registered participants. None of the nominees for either the generator or market customer representatives received approval from one third of the relevant class of participants following the conclusion of the approval process.

The Commission is therefore required to undertake an additional approval round before it can appoint candidates as the market customer and generator representatives on the Panel. 

Registered generators and market customers will shortly be contacted with more information about the additional approval round. If you wish to update your organisation’s contact details for the Reliability Panel nominations, please send through the details to  

For more information contact Victoria Mollard, Acting Executive General Manager – Security and Reliability on (02) 8296 7872 or

Media: Bronwyn Rosser, Communications Specialist, 0423 280 341;