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On 24 February, Ministers agreed a way forward on the complex issue of transmission access reform. Ministers agreed to immediately implement ‘enhanced information’ reforms to provide east-coast market participants with better information on the optimal location for new generation and storage. Ministers requested the Energy Security Board (ESB) to work with Senior Officials and stakeholders to develop the voluntary Congestion Relief Market (CRM) and the priority access model and to bring forward a detailed design for consideration by Ministers in mid-2023. Ministers decided not to further develop or consider the congestion management model and congestion fee options.

The Energy Security Board (ESB) has published a Consultation Paper seeking stakeholder feedback on key design choices that will inform the ESB’s final policy recommendations to Ministers.

This webinar will provide stakeholders with an overview of the paper and key design questions, and provide an opportunity to participate in a Q&A.  

Please note log-in details for the webinar will be circulated via email once registration is closed.

Registration closes: Friday, 5 May 2023 1pm (AEST)


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