Risk Management

Risk management is a fundamental component of managing our operations .

Our processes to identify, assess and manage risk include:

  • Audit and Risk Management Committee monitoring of the overall risk management framework, financial reporting processes, processes for compliance, performance of auditors and oversight of the audit program.
  • A broad based risk assessment process which is used to develop a rolling three-year internal audit plan and to inform risk management activities.
  • The corporate planning processes which prioritise actions based on assessed risks.
  • The identification and management of compliance areas on a functional basis with legal support where necessary.
  • The project control framework which is used for rule change, review and corporate projects. This includes the creation of a risk register, where relevant, and the active management of identified risks.

Audit and Risk Management Committee responsibilities

The Audit and Risk Management Committee is responsible for monitoring the overall risk management framework, the financial reporting processes, the compliance processes, the performance of auditors and overseeing the audit program.

This includes monitoring auditors and management and advising the Commission of the results of that monitoring in relation to:

  • the overall risk management framework;
  • financial reporting processes;
  • systems for internal control and management of financial risks;
  • processes for monitoring of compliance with legislation and regulation and the AEMC’s Code of Conduct and fraud prevention;
  • audit scopes, outcomes and actions; and
  • performance of auditors.

The Committee provides advice to the Commission on the need for audit and risk management programs for AEMC panels, committees and working groups, such as the Reliability Panel. Where such programs are required the Committee is to monitor the audit outcomes and review the audit programs of those panels, committees and working groups and advise the Commission of the adequacy of these audit processes.

The Committee is responsible for recommending to the Commission the appointment of internal auditors.

In discharging its responsibilities, the Committee is authorised by the Commission to:

  • obtain external professional advice (including legal);
  • seek information from any employee who shall cooperate with the Committee;
  • seek information from parties outside of the AEMC or its Advisory Committees;
  • require attendance of AEMC officers at meetings of the Committee; and
  • request the Chairman of Advisory Committees to provide information.

Committee Members

The AEMC’s Audit and Risk Management Committee is comprised of:

Ms Jane Byrne – Independent Chair

Ms Byrne is a financial services professional with 30 years of experience at senior executive level in trusts, superannuation, wealth management, governance and risk management. She is currently a non-executive director of St Patrick’s College Strathfield Advisory Board and Chair of the College’s Risk Management Committee. Ms Byrne was Company Secretary of Pillar Administration, Australia’s third largest superannuation fund administrator, fo rten years and currently consults on governance and risk with PFS Consulting.

Mr David Pendleton – Independent Committee member

Mr Pendleton is a financial services professional with over 30 years of experience in financial functions, audit, superannuation, governance and risk management. Most recently he was Chief Operating Officer and CFO at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation where he was responsible for all financial, operational and technical functions of the ABC. He is currently a non-executive director of The Helmsman Project and an Independent Member of the Wodonga City Council Audit Committee. Mr Pendleton was formerly a director of MediaHub Australia, the National DAB Licence Company and Symphony Australia.

Ms Allison Warburton – AEMC Commissioner and Committee member

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View the full AEMC's Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter.