On 20 October 2011, the AEMC gave notices under the relevant provisions of the National Electricity Law (NEL) and National Gas Law (NGL) to initiate and commence assessment of the Rule change proposals received from the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) in relation to the economic regulation of electricity network businesses under the National Electricity Rules and determining the rate of return for gas network businesses under the National Gas Rules.

Submissions on the AER's Rule change requests, including its proposed Rules, close on 8 December 2011. The AEMC will also be holding a public forum in Brisbane on 23 November 2011 to facilitate discussion on the AER proposals. Further details and registration for the public forum will be available through the AEMC's website soon.

Due to the complex nature of the Rules proposed by the AER, the AEMC has also extended the period of time for the making of the draft Rule determination on both Rule change requests to 26 July 2012.