Strategic priorities

Our strategic priorities are developed by the Commission with consumer, industry and other interested stakeholders. They guide our market development work and inform the advice we provide to governments.

Price trends

Our review of residential electricity prices trends looks at the factors driving prices over the three years to 2016/17. Moderating price trends are expected due to a combination of falling demand and new rules on network revenues.

Power of choice

The Power of Choice Review set out substantial reforms for the National Electricity Market which are being implemented by a series of rule changes and supporting reviews. We want consumers to have more choices in the way they use electricity and manage their bills.


This section contains the latest versions of the rules which electricity and gas businesses must observe.

Rule Changes

To inform our assessment of requests to make changes to the rules, we ask for the views of all interested stakeholders. Go to these pages for details of consultations and decisions on all rule changes.


We undertake reviews to inform our recommendations to governments on how the market arrangements can be developed to deliver reliable and efficient electricity and gas supplies.