Engaging With Us

Engaging with people and organisations who have an interest in Australia’s energy markets provides valuable input to rule making and the provision of advice to governments. The insights and views of our stakeholders help us understand market enovironments and inform our thinking.

Stakeholders input is also critical to our understanding of the impact of any changes we might contemplate.

Stakeholder AEMC engagement
COAG Energy Council We report regularly to federal, state and territory energy ministers in relation to our work program and emerging issues for gas and electricity markets.  
Jurisdictional governments, their departments and regulators We hold regular briefings with federal, state and territory officials who provide support to COAG Energy Council ministers on stakeholder views and energy sector issues and development. We engage with other government bodies as appropriate. 
Governance framework agencies (AEMO and AER) The AEMC Commissioners and senior management conduct regular leadership team briefings with the AER and with AEMO’s board and senior management team. 
Energy market participants Most submissions to our reviews and rule change projects are made to us by energy market participants and formal discussion is conducted around individual rules and reviews. 
Consumer representatives We regularly meet with consumer groups representing large and small consumers, incuding Energy Consumers Australia.