Mission, Vision and Values


To improve consumer outcomes from the strategic development of energy markets, through rules and advice.


Flexible and resilient markets that benefit consumers.


The shared values of the AEMC are leadership, engagement and integrity. Each of us seeks to reflect those values in how we act and discharge our functions.

Leadership reflects our desire to lead the debate on key issues of energy market development and engage with governments, consumers and market participants to promote dialogue and understanding. We value different perspectives and welcome meaningful debate on energy market issues. We share our knowledge, and empower those who look to us for advice. We engage in forward planning, demonstrate ownership, and support and motivate our colleagues, building on our collective experience.

Engagement is at the core of everything we do. We aim to build and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders and we value their input to our rule making and strategic advice to governments. We focus on pursuing opportunities for consultation and expanding the range of organisations, groups and individuals with whom we collaborate. We take a genuine interest in and are passionate about our work, show consideration for others and seek opportunities to learn.

Integrity speaks to the respect we have for our stakeholders, our high standards of impartiality, objectivity and the transparent processes that frame the work we undertake. An ethical, reliable and consistent approach is paramount in all our dealings with governments, industry and consumers. We are team players, are open-minded and receptive to new ideas, and conduct ourselves in a professional manner.