What We Do

Rule making

The AEMC makes rules  under the National Electricity Law, the National Gas Law and the National Energy Retail Law. These rules impact on how companies can operate and participate in the competitive generation and retail sectors. They also govern the economic regulation of electricity transmission and distribution network services and gas pipelines. 

We do not initiate rule change requests other than where the proposal is to correct minor errors or is non-material.  Instead, our role is to manage the rule change process and to consult and decide on rule change requests made by others.  We do this in accordance with processes set out in the law.

Reviews and advice

Energy markets are adapting to changing circumstances, such as the transformation of the natural gas sector and growth in renewable and local generation.

The AEMC provides governments with advice on improvements to regulatory and market arrangements in this changing environment.  The challenge is for these arrangements is to provide consumers with reliable energy supply and related services in the most cost efficient ways.  We carry out our reviews in accordance with terms of reference from the nation's energy ministers.  Also, we can initiate our own reviews. In addition, the AEMC publishes papers and reports as part of our technology-focused work program, which helps inform our advice to governments and analysis of rule change requests.